This workshop brings together researchers and practitioners interested in designing and developing new technologies and subverting mainstream technologies for assisting disabled and older people. Frameworks and concepts related to this area cause confusion and misunderstandings (e.g. universal design, inclusive design, user sensitive design, design for all, accessibility, universal usability), so we will work towards a clear conceptual mapping of frameworks and concepts. A second area of confusion and misunderstandings is the needs and desires of the different user groups involved, often solutions are developed to problems people do not have or solutions are not acceptable to the user groups. Therefore, a matrix of needs/desires and areas of potential technological development will be generated. Finally, this area involves many ethical, privacy and security issues. These will be explored and we will work towards guidance for researchers and practitioners.

Call for participation
We invite people interested in participating to submit a position paper, 2 to 4 pages long in the Springer LNCS format. The paper should outline your interest and experience in design and accessibility for disabled and older people.

Important dates

Submission deadline: 6 May 2019

Notification to participants: 20 May 2019

Workshop date: 3 September 2019

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:
Helen Petrie
Gerhard Weber
Jenny Darzentas

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